Frequently Asked Questions

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What is eGovern?

eGovern is a suite of application based advisory platforms on the cloud, currently comprising of eComply, eConsolidate & eTransit, providing ‘anytime-anywhere’ secure access to your Compliance, Financial Consolidation & IFRS work respectively.

What does eGovern aim to do?

eGovern aims to promote good corporate governance by assisting companies & organization in better managing their organizational governance and giving transparent & clear dashboard view to top management.

How secure is eGovern.in?

The connection from your device to eGovern servers is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption used for banking transaction, which makes it very safe. In addition, multiple level access controls provide granular level access security to data.

How does eGovern help me ‘offload risk’?

eGovern’s application based services ensure that risk of default is minimized or removed completely by providing proactive advisory, relevant information, alerts and transparent view across the organization.

How much configuration is possible?

eGovern’s application platforms provide significant scope for configuring for your needs and adding data, templates, processes, etc. If more enterprise level requirements exist, do write to ‘team@egovern.in’ with more information. Our team will be glad to study your requirements and discuss how they could be addressed.

What are the system requirements for eGovern.in?

eGovern& its services can be accessed from any device having internet access and through most web browsers and work best with Chrome, FireFox, & Safari.

If I have a question not covered here, what do I do?

Write to us at support@egovern.in and our team will be glad to respond to you.

How does eComply help in Compliance Management?

eComply provides a wide body of advisory and services for better, faster & easier compliance management by providing the knowledge and documents required for compliance to the users fingertips. Dashboard views provide top management with easy overview of the organisation’s compliance status.

How will eComply help in regular compliance under various laws?

eComply will help in choosing applicable laws and activating compliance tasks under these laws, to ensure timely & full compliance under law. Timely alerts and escalation also help avoiding missing out on crucial deadlines.

How will eConsolidate help in reducing my cost, effort & pain of financial consolidation?

eConsolidate allows users having disparate accounting systems & from dispersed locations, to easily upload their trial balance data into secure database with adequate safeguards. It provides automatic data matching & ICE entries, application of automated business rules for consolidation, adding proper and adequate disclosures, thereby significantly reducing the stress, incompatibility, time & cost involved and at the same time increasing substantially the security, assurance of transparency for top management.

How will eTransit help in IFRS reporting?

IFRS /IndAS reporting is a detailed exercise with much activities across several functional domains within the organization and senior level calls on several aspects of reporting requirements. Managing this exercise requires domain knowledge and project management processes. eTransit incorporates these 2 major aspects to assist your organization safely navigate the journey to correct & complete IFRS/IndAS reporting.

How does the online subscription work?

We offer yearly subscriptions.Once you sign up for a subscription, you get full access to the service of your choice on eGovern. You automatically get access to any upgrades or improvements made to the platform during your subscription.

All of our subscriptions automatically renew at the end of their term. You can renew your subscription before its expiry, each year.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your automatic renewal at any time. If you cancel your automatic renewal, we will not renew your subscription at the end of your term. However, you will be able to use the service until your current subscription ends.

To cancel your subscription, just write to us at support@egovern.in