Your gateway to better, faster and easier financial consolidation (FC). Whether you are consolidating 2, 20 or 200 entities, eConsolidate will put you in full control of the consolidation process.

Be in full control with eConsolidate’s step-by-step FC management, automated MI, FX computation and guided ICE entries. Add disclosures and policies. Get consolidated Balance Sheet, P&L Account, Cash Flow statement and much more.

Ensure full and standard consolidation across the group of companies, with all entities working on the same page, latest trial balances, disclosures, policies, etc. With eConsolidate’s 24 x 7 x 365, SSL secured, enterprise cloud based services.

If you are in-charge of financial consolidation for your group and value security of data, data version validation, in-built checks & balances, easy collaboration between users in group entities, faster completion of FC, get in touch with us to see how easy FC is with eConsolidate.

Benefits of eConsolidate?

  1. Corporate groups with one or more subsidiary companies need to consolidate their financial results. Under IFRS, consolidation of even the associate companies is required.
  2. Such groups benefit from getting an application for easy consolidation of accounts. Adjustments for inter companies balances, minority interests, foreign currency conversion and presentation in IndAS formats and the new IFRS formats for Balance Sheet, Operating Statement and Cash flow statements. XBRL outputs are also offered.
  3. The application allows consolidation of different company accounts in a level-wise rollup format making it possible for partial consolidation or what-if scenario mapping. It allows for financial consolidation of unlimited number of group companies. Branch accounts, site accounts, project accounts are handled with equal ease, accuracy and convenience.
  4. With proper audit trail, secure environment, attachment of disclosures, accounting policies and accepted reporting formats, eConsolidate offers great convenience and terrific value.
  5. Available on the cloud on a subscription model, this application removes the barriers of time and geography, allowing users to upload, process and review data and reports anytime-anywhere in a secure encrypted environment.

Want to outsource your financial consolidation?

Our experts will complete the work expeditiously and allow you to focus on your primary activity- running your business profitably.

want to manage your consolidation yourself?

eConsolidate will save you and your team much time, effort and money.


4 compelling reasons why you need eConsolidate

Avoid serious mistakes!

With built in safeguards against mid-stream changes to underlying data, eConsolidate makes it safe and avoids serious mistakes in consolidation at all stages of the process. Proper and adequate disclosures can be appended to each set of individual accounts for consolidation.

Faster consolidation!

Whether you are consolidating accounts of 2 or 20 entities even from different accounting systems, eConsolidate will speed up the process with ease and efficiency. Matched Inter-Company entries & elimination is automatic. Save significant time, efforts and costs of consolidation.

Tremendous flexibility!

eConsolidate allows flexibility in adding any number of account heads for consolidation under approved groupings, choice of forex rate for consolidation, detailed customized disclosures along with library of ready-to-use disclosure templates for various industries. ‘Roll-up’ of subsidiaries into holding companies and up the chain upto the main holding company. Different business rules as applicable for subsidiary and associate companies would automatically apply.

Testing or reporting?

Whether you need to test various scenarios on how your consolidated accounts will look like or are doing your periodic mandatory financial consolidations for various projects, entities, group companies or any such scenario mapping, eConsolidate will help in doing your work efficiently and quickly. These processes and outputs will not disturb your accounting databases or will not require passing of period-end entries on your accounting systems or databases, which can be time consuming and cannot be rolled back.