The best tool for bridging the gap from Indian GAAP* to IndAS (IFRS). eTransit will give you the knowledge, process and tools for a methodical move to converged IndAS (IFRS) compliance.

eTransit enables you to systematically, bridge the gap from Indian GAAP to IndAS (IFRS), with well documented processes, ready to use sample disclosures, policies and latest technology cloud computing tools. Get fully compliant Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Cash Flow statement, NCI workings and much more.

When navigating unknown waters of IFRS for the first time or when reviewing periodic reporting compliance, using eTransit will save much time & effort. Available 24 x 7 x 365, protected by SSL 128 bit encryption, hosted on secure enterprise cloud servers, with built in domain knowledge, you can depend on.

Benefits of eTransit?

Companies that want to fully comply with IndAS or IFRS (either to meet current or future overseas reporting requirements) would therefore need to carefully manage their move to converged IndAS and to make sensible choices to achieve the objective of full convergence with IndAS (IFRS).

  1. Deviations that eliminate choices/accounting options provided under IFRS
  2. Deviations to clarify interactions between accounting standards and regulation
  3. Use of different terminology
  4. Use of different transition provisions

Want to outsource your IndAS reporting?

Our experts will work with your teams to complete the task expeditously and completely and provide you with verifiable audit trail to converged reporting statements.

want to manage your convergence work yourself?

eTransit will put you on top of your game. With step by step process mapping and full audit trail. Bank of disclosures and facility to add more of your own. Manage your converged standards reporting better with eTransit.


3 compelling reasons why you need eTransit

Be an aware & informed client!

While you may choose a Big4 audit firm for your IFRS/IndAS reporting work, there is much that needs to be done by the home team. The better informed & equipped they are to deal with these new requirements, the lesser will be the time, pain & costs associated with the move to IFRS/IndAS reporting. eTransit has built in safeguards for line by line IFRS/IndAS walkthrough so that nothing is missed when doing this crucial reporting change.

Be ready & methodical!

With built in step by step processes, clear audit trail, library of disclosures for easy completion of tasks, eTransit will make IFRS/IndAS reporting in your company much more accurate, efficient and easy. This provides unparalleled assurance and clear view of all the steps taken by your team and advisors in the journey from existing GAAP to IFRS/IndAS.

Be fully compliant!

Apart from the carve-outs, IFRS as adopted by the country needs to be fully complied with on reporting date. With eTransit, you can ensure that all relevant aspects are clearly identified and complied with fully.